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ROCKEVER Parrot Play Stand Bird Playground Cockatiel

ROCKEVER Parrot Play Stand Bird Playground Cockatiel

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The outer dimension is 19.2"x14.1"x25.1" including the nesting box. This bird stand is suitable for small-medium birds such as parakeet, cockatiel, and conure parrots.
The play gym is made from solid, very sturdy, high quality wood and easy to assemble with pre-drilled holes.
The parrot play stand comes with bowls so your bird is being able to snack and drink while playing.
The tray at the bottom will catch the mess.
The birds play ground has plenty of perches and ways to arrange toys for the birds. You may using it for playtime and interaction with you.

Made of natural, non-toxic wood, this bird play stand is well constructed, very large, easy to assemble. Comes with cups, tray and instructions about how to assemble it.

The bird stand includes multiple perches,ladders,and swing to give your bird plenty of opportunities to get exercise. If you want your birds to have fun being outside the cage, this stand is a good choice.
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Does it comes with the nesting box?

Is this good for my parakeet / cockatiel / conure parrots?
Is this suitable for blue and gold macaw / Hahn’s macaw/ African grey?

This gym will fit small- medium birds such as parakeet, cockatiel, conure parrots, it will not fit large birds like gold macaw / Hahn’s macaw / African grey.

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