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Fountain Dog Water Dispenser with 3 Replacement Filters

Fountain Dog Water Dispenser with 3 Replacement Filters

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The pump is ultra quiet (measured below 40dB) and low consumption, normally lasting between 2.5 - 4 years.
【2.5L Large Capacity】2.5L / 84oz water capacity is great for small to medium sized pets. The circulation system helps provide healthy and hygienic water for your beloved pets all day!
【BPA Free & High-quality Material】Made of high-quality PP resin, this automatic water bowl is BPA free, durable, and it’s easy to operate and clean. Furthermore, each fountain comes with 1 silicone pad to catch splashing water from naughty pets.
【3 Different Flow Designs】 Veken Pet Fountain has 3 modes: flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain - each mode meets the needs of various pets. The free-falling stream and bright color attract pets to drink more water!
【Triple Filtration System】The pet water fountain is equipped with 3 replacement filters, each composed of a cotton layer, activated carbon and an ion exchange resin. They form a triple filtration system to prevent your pets from getting sick.

Lovable Design

Compact design will not take up too much space. Recirculating mechanism ensures optimum oxygenation of water. The 2.5L capacity meets the needs of small and medium-sized pets. Also, it is easy to install and clean, making life easier for you and your pet.

High-Quality Replacement Filter

Each set contains 3 replacement filters. The triple-action filtration system with water-softening features ensures safer, cleaner and fresher drinking water so that you can bid farewell to water quality problems.

Let Your Pet Love to Drink Water

With a scientific design: flowing water is more attractive to pets and they will definitely drink more often. Choose Veken's fountain to improve the health of your pets. It is a close companion for pets and pet lovers.
Clean The Pump to Extend Life

Cleaning the pump is essential to the longevity of the fountain. Please clean the pump at least every 2 weeks.

Step 1: Remove the pump cover.

Step 2: Remove the Impeller cap by placing your fingernail underneath the small lip.

Step 3: Remove the Impeller and clean the parts with soap and warm .

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