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Food Storage Container, Small Dog Food Container Airtight Plastic Dispenser with Graduated

Food Storage Container, Small Dog Food Container Airtight Plastic Dispenser with Graduated

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SMALL PORTABLE DOG FOOD STORAGE CONTAINER: Measures 6.7"L x 3.15"W x 11.82"H which can hold around 3.5 pounds dog food. The small shape is really good for putting it in a small area for storage and easy to handle or take for travelling
★AIRTIGHT with SEAL BUCKLES: we design it with 4 Seal Buckles to make it airtight. It can keep the food dry, fresh and still keep the odor from spreading through the rest of the home. It also keep away from any mice, bugs as well as ants
★WONDERFUL SPOUT and MEASURING CUP: the Measuring Cup with a scale which can easily keep on your pets steady diet by measuring same amount and not over feeding. If you are not worried about giving your animal exactly one cup or half cup of food you can simply use the spout
★BAP FREE FOOD GRADE PLASTIC MATERIALS: it was produced by safe high quality materials which can also keep human food fresh. No smell and no pollution, safe and healthy. Tapered shape from top to bottom easy to clean
★100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you or your family member aren't satisfied with it, please go to your order page and CONTACT US. We offer free replacement or full refund upon your demand .

Measuring Cup

With a Measuring Cup. It will open when you turn right. It will close when you turn left. Not only can control the food for your pets but also can use as a bowl to feed your pet directly.

Seal Locks

It's with four Seal Locks. Which is very tight to keeps out moisture, humidity and pests. Your pet will enjoy their food down to the last cup.

Portable Handle

One Hand Shape Design with portable handle, you can pour out the food with one hand. Portable for indoor and outdoor use with this handle.
Make Your Life Easier

The airtight seal will ensure your pet food keep dry, fresh and pest-free. You don’t need to worry about the food gotten stale with this portable container.

It is ideal for recycling and storing pet food or other materials. More economical and keep your home tidy with this dog food storage bin.

Easy for on the go!

If you take your pets for walking, work or travelling, this is the goof for you to hold amount of food. It has a hand handle, you can take it on hand directly.

Small and light weight, easy for you to put it in your bags or car, best choice for on the go!

Measuring cup is also a plus. You can use it as a little bowl for water or food when you are out.

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