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Dcxz Pet Feeding Mat Cat & Dog Mats for Food & Water

Dcxz Pet Feeding Mat Cat & Dog Mats for Food & Water

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Function:Raised Rim Pet Food Mat keeping the floor dry and clean.Easy to wipe clean,washable,quick dry. Please identify Ds animal-home before purchase.
Pet Placemat: Made of food grade rubber, non-toxic, safe pet placemat food mat for water and food bowls.
Fit:Great for training medium puppies, assisting aging dogs or as an alternative to the outdoors for indoor dogs
Anti-slip design:pet feeding mat is anti-ripped, thicker and heavier than other mats in market, keep bowls mat in place.
Mat Size:17.32*9.45 Inch, 0.48 lb.Double round joining together design make it big enough to put one water bowl and one food bowl.
A great feeding mat specially perpare for messy pets and "lazy owner"! Premium rubber material in an adorable stylish design that blends in seamlessly with your modern home decoration.It reduces water overflow and keeps food from spilling over onto the floor.Easy to clean under the sink or wipe with a wet cloth / paper towel.
NO SPILL food grade Silicone mat with large base of the silicone stand catches any spills so your floor stays clean. You'll love not having a huge mess to clean up every time you feed them!
Our feeders are made from top quality food grade silicone so they're not just safe and reliable, they are easier to keep clean too.
The feeder's rubber and stainless steel construction meets all food safety standards and can be quickly rinsed or wiped clean after each use.
Material: durable rubber.
Size: 44*24cm
Weight: 0.22KG
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